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  • Aug
  • 2012

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In my last shoot, I shot a roll of 35mm film; the scanning isn’t the greatest since it came from a local lab, but I just love the look of film — especially when it captures water. Mmm. I love the little drop falling from her finger tip.

Speaking of film, have you seen the Framed Network‘s [Film] episodes? They’re totally free to watch, just sign up for an account/login (easy peasy)! Check it out. Be inspired. Be challenged. Laugh. I’m sure I talk about her a lot, but Tanja Lippert has been my mentor since 2005. She is truly my favorite photographer of all time and the most talented woman I have ever seen (and seen in action). Ryan is hilarious. Tia’s styling handiwork is magical. Let me know what you think!

Lastly, I changed my Facebook page over to Wreckless Creative, in the event that you missed it.

Happy weekend!

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