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  • 2012

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I don’t mean to be judgmental here, but if you haven’t given a listen to Norwegian music in your lifespan, you’re a moron. No, not a moron. I kid, I kid. As you may or may not know, I lived in Norwegia (hah!) a couple years ago and what I learned is that about half of the music played on the radio and on Norwegian tele is of the English variety. And some of those amazing English-speaking-sirens are Scandanavian. I would also defend the musical honor of the remaining puzzle pieces of Scandia like the Faroe Islands (Teitur), Sweden (Tallest Man on Earth), etc.

I highly recommend Changing of the Seasons for starters. I realized months too late that, a little sneaker that she is, Ane released her latest album to the US market in late May.  Boo for me missing it. Yay for redemption. Also enjoy a couple cameos by José González and First Aid Kit (BOTH SCANDANAVIAN. HAVE I BLOWN YOUR MIND YET?).

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