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I’m headed to Oregon for at least a month starting this weekend! I’ll be in southern, eastern, and northern Oregon during that time. I’m incredibly excited to be in my home state again after a six month stretch of being away. As much as I’m carried away by the breeze on a whim, headed Any, Where .. I long for a sense of home. I long to stay. Somewhere. It’s like I told my friend, Annie,

We vagabonds have our seasons: seasons to go and seasons to stay and abide and wait it out until the next season. We require rest and enjoy our quiet, too. We require shelter, sometimes, from the elements. We’re just a little more comfortable with the going than most and a little less comfortable with the staying than most, which is exactly why you’re questioning it. You haven’t lost it. And you never will.

All that to say, one of my heart’s desires this year is to find that sense of Home. I really enjoy northern Arizona, it’s been so good to me: I’ve explored forests without a path to put my feet on and crafted bows & arrows from shapely sticks, climbed mountains (okay, maybe not an entire mountain, but part of one, surely), visited one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been too — Flagstaff, AZ, enjoyed the most gorgeous and peculiar place I’ve ever seen in the whole world — Sedona, AZ (and surrounding areas), enjoyed my cute and quirky downtown Williams on historic Route 66, gone for beautifully random no-plan-in-particular drives, experienced the Grandest of Canyons, and hiked all around on the plethora of paths they’ve scratched into land here. I have wanted for nothing here .. except for that sense of belonging to a place. I don’t feel that I don’t belong here, it’s that I haven’t been here long enough to feel entirely connected. That takes time. And that’s one of the hardest parts about living the lifestyle I live — it takes much more time to truly connect and flourish in a community than I plan on staying in it, no matter how amazing the community is (because I really do appreciate and connect with my few friends here).

Alas, I’m working through that in my heart this year and exploring what it means to belong to a place without losing that vagabondy part of myself that I’m not willing to ever let go of. I’m researching where I’ll be a good fit commuinty-wise as well as faith-wise, location-wise (give me mountains and water, please!), and business-wise (for portraits and weddings). I long to not merely survive.¬†Where will I thrive? I think that’s a good check-in-with-yourself question to ask .. for anyone.

Here’s some snippets of the fun I’ve been having here in Arizona.


And here’s some fun I’ve been having downtown recently.


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